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Key Holding & Alarm Response

Key Holding and Alarm Response in Carlisle, Cumbria, South West Scotland and Northern England

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Are you a business owner who has been called out in the middle of the night because your alarm has activated? Frustrating and inconvenient isn’t it? Especially if your business is far from your home and you may have had a glass of wine or two!

What about your business insurance? Are you covered if you or a member of your staff attends to an alarm in the middle of the night or over a weekend only to be attacked by an intruder?

What about when you go on holiday and set the house alarm? Who will deal with it while you’re away?
Key holding and alarm response is the answer.

Our trained and licensed security officers will attend to your alarm quickly and efficiently leaving you to enjoy your sleep, or your holiday! We do this for many businesses and personal domains.

Typical duties include:

  • We will retain a copy of your keys, fobs, alarm codes and instructions in our safe in our 24 hour control room. These would be stored in a secure sealed pouch.
  • In the event of opening the pouch the old seal would be retained and the new seal number recorded in our key register.
  • Your alarm will be fitted with a dialler which will either dial your alarm installer or dial us direct.
  • Either way we will be informed immediately of any activation, collect the keys and attend the site as quickly as possible.
  • The site would be fully checked to find the reason for the activation.
  • In the case of a false alarm the system would be reset and the site would be secured.
  • If the building has been damaged or broken into we would contact the police and check the premises. If necessary we would liaise with you directly before resetting the alarm and securing the building.
  • If any fault is found with the alarm we would liaise with the engineer directly.
  • In all cases a full incident report would be completed and left for you on site.
  • In all cases the keys etc would be returned to the pouch, resealed and returned to the safe.
  • The number of the seal and the time and date of return would be recorded in our key register.

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