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Arson Prevention Advice for Businesses

  • Good security is the best defense against arson, make sure gates, doors and windows are securely closed to deter entry by would-be arsonists.
  • Ensure any fencing is kept in good order to deter anyone entering the property.
  • Consider a security system or manned guarding to deter intruders.
  • Secure sheds and garages as they often contain tools that can be used to force entry into the home, they also often contain flammable liquids. Don't leave flammable liquids in the open, if possible store in a ventilated but lockable cupboard.
  • Loose rubbish, wheelie bins, grass, and small bins are usually where fires are set; make sure these items are stored away from public view or in locked bins.
  • Avoid placing bins, rubbish, or other combustible items against the walls of the home. These are a ready supply of fuel for the arsonist.
  • Burning materials such as fireworks or paper can be pushed through letterboxes, a metal container letterbox or lockable flap can be fitted to prevent damage spreading.
  • Arrange regular collections of refuse and waste by the Local Authority or a contractor, if it's not there it can't be used to set a fire.
  • Have a complete and up to date Fire Risk Assessment and Contingency plan in place, in the event of a fire in your business it will ensure all your staff knows their roles, and a continence plan for your business is in place.

To help to stop arson in the UK, there is an Arson Prevention Forum, visit the Arson Prevention Forum website for more information. Remember that reporting small fires and cases of arson can have a preventative effect on larger fires being set. Report it, don't accept it. 

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