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Recruitment through Work and Health North West


Recruitment for the security industry can be difficult, and finding the right trustworthy, friendly people for the right job is an ongoing issue. So we were delighted when approached by a company called Ingeus, part of the Governments Department of Work & Pensions, who's job is to concentrate on getting people back into work who've had difficulty finding employment for a variety of reasons.

They identified that we were recruiting and gave us the name of a candidate they had been working with, Andrew Mott who they thought could add value to our business. Andrew had been out of work for some 8 years so they put him through his Security Industry Authority (SIA) Training so he could obtain his SIA licence. We agreed we would interview him and during this process, he came across as very honest and reliable, two of the most important attributes we require in any of our staff, so we decided to give him a chance.

We deployed Andrew on the A & E Department at the Cumberland Infirmary and he has fitted into this role very well. He has proved his reliability in the last few months and grown in confidence and is now a very valued member of the Ultimate Security Group team.

Ingeus were delighted with Andrews progress and with a fellow Work and Health programme member, they have appeared in a wonderful video to capture the outcome of the programme. You can see the video through the following link. www.workandhealthnorthwest.co.uk

Our Managing Director Greg Kelly discussed Andrews employment through the Work and Health programme:

"Equal Opportunity Employment is at the core of our recruitment processes. Identifying the best person for a role is paramount for me, the Company and our Customers. In this instance, we were recruiting for a role at the Hospital which requires Security Officers to protect NHS Staff, members of the Public and Patients. Empathy, common sense and life experience are some of the key ingredients required. Andrew displayed all this and more. As an ex-Police Officer, I like to provide opportunities whenever possible for those people most in need. This was a win-win situation for Andrew and I. Andrew is really enjoying his job and the new lease of life it has given him."

Andrew himself said:

"There is never a dull moment, no two shifts are the same but I love it. The Ingeus Work and Health Programme has really changed my life and I thank Ultimate Security for giving me the opportunity." 

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