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What is temperature thermal screening CCTV, and can it help your business?

Almost everything emits some form of infrared Radiation, the amount of infrared radiation you produce is directly affected by temperature; the higher the temperature the more infrared radiation is emitted. The Microbolometer in the thermal screening CCTV will apply a colour range to the different temperatures of infrared radiation, letting you quickly and easily detect any temperature spikes.

Thermal temperature screening is perfect for high-density venues such as supermarkets, shops, pubs, and shopping centres. Using regular forehead or ear thermometers on each person can cause large queues or delays, where the thermal screening CCTV cameras can scan large crowds dealing with multi-person detection.

Benefits of Thermal Screening CCTV through Ultimate Security Group

  • Instant body heat identification.
  • Multi-person detection.
  • Audible alert from recording system to mobile phone.
  • Instant footage of alert.
  • Lower person to person contact for temperature checks.
  • Fully fitted system and training
  • Low-cost weekly payments

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