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Security For Your New Home


Well done, you finally got round the quagmire of interviews, credit checks and layers of paper work that now means you can move into your new home. However now you've got it you may want to take some simple steps to protect it and yourself.

Meet The Neighbours

It may seem outdated going round to introduce yourself, but they are your best defense in keeping your house secure. Find out if there's a Local Neighbourhood Watch program, and how you can be involved. Neighbours maybe happy to take in mail, switch on lights and keep an eye on your home while away on holidays making you seem in when not, a great deterrent for any would be burglar.

Fix It Up

We know you're excited to decorate and make it a home but take the time to inspect and make a list of maintenance work to be done externally. Fix and replace anything damaged or broken, as an unkempt house can be a sign it's an easy target for theft, make sure you have outside lighting and all windows are uncracked and outbuilding locks secure. Make sure your homes wheelie bin is chained up away from house windows as it could be used as a ladders into your home.

Know Your Area

If you're new to the area take time to familiarise with the landmarks, shops and any short cuts. Take some time out to watch the street and see what is usual is it normal, is it for people to be out late? Or for a lot of deliveries be made?The more you know about your area, the easy you can spot something that is unusual

Change Your Locks

So you're really excited you've got your keys and ready to move in, but who has the past homeowner given spares to before? Don't chance it, change the locks as soon as you move in and you can be secure in the knowledge of who has a key to your home.

Install a Home Security System

Install a security system they can be inexpensive(especially in comparison to your treasured possessions), easy to use and will notify yourself and local authorities should suspicious activity occur. Installing a security system can help you qualify for a discount on your home insurance. Make sure you use a trusted professional company to install your system.

Should you require a FREE home security review please call us on 01228 513345 to arrange.

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